Operator FAQ

Getting Started

How do I sign up to sell Tap TV to my locations?

To sell and install Tap TV, you need to become an official Tap TV operator. If you’re already a part of the AMI operator network, contact your regional AMI distributor for info on becoming a Tap TV operator. If you’re not an AMI operator, contact our sales team for more information.

To become an official Tap TV operator, you’ll need to agree to the Tap TV Operator Agreement – you can get a copy of the agreement and more information about the business model from your AMI distributor or the AMI inside sales team.

Where can I purchase the Tap TV hardware?

Tap TV systems can only be purchased from an official AMI distributor. To find the distributor nearest you, visit our sales page.

What sort of hardware comes with Tap TV? Do I need controllers or other equipment?

Tap TV only uses two pieces of equipment: the Tap Lite® unit and a wireless Tap TV remote. There are no controllers or other peripherals to purchase – players can use any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to play.


How do I install Tap TV in a location?

Tap TV installation is similar to installing other video systems — the Tap Lite unit connects directly to the TV with a standard HDMI cable. In addition to installing the Tap TV hardware, you’ll need to sign up the location for a subscription to one or more Tap TV channels and register the location with AMI.

Download the official Tap TV Installation Guide for a full walk-through of the installation process.

Can I install multiple Tap TV channels in the same location?

Absolutely. There are two ways to support more than one Tap TV channel in a single location, depending on whether the location wants to offer both channels at the same time or just switch between them.

If a location wants to provide multiple channels simultaneously, you’ll need to use a separate Tap Lite unit and different TVs for each channel. If the location just wants to switch between channels, connect the Tap TV unit like usual.

Locations with multiple channels on the same Tap Lite unit can change the channel at any time with the wireless Tap TV remote, or use the Tap TV Channel Scheduler to automatically switch between channels on a programmed schedule.

What sort of internet connection does Tap TV require?

Tap TV requires a broadband internet connection, such as cable or DSL. A hard-wired connection is strongly recommended. Unfortunately, dial-up connections aren’t fast enough to support Tap TV’s real-time gameplay.

What sort of video hardware works best with Tap TV?

Tap TV is compatible with most HDTVs and standard video equipment, including video switches and splitters. The Tap TV equipment guide has a complete list of recommended cables and video equipment.

Managing Locations

How do I manage and configure the Tap TV locations on my route?

All Tap TV configuration and management is done through the standard AMI Operator Site — you can activate and configure locations, keep track of your hardware, and get info on your Tap TV locations and activity.

How do I change channels on my Tap TV system?

You can change the channel on your Tap TV system at any time using the on-screen menu and your system’s Tap TV remote. First, access the on-screen menu using the i button on the Tap TV remote. Then use the arrow buttons to select Change Channels and press OK.

On the Change Channels screen, use the remote to choose which Tap TV channel you would like to display. Select Save Changes to return to the home screen, then choose Exit Setup to close the on-screen menu. Your new channel will automatically load and begin playing.

Can I control the type of trivia that plays in my location?

We offer locations a choice between several different trivia schedules, each of which is designed for a specific sort of location. ur new default schedule features a different game every 20 minutes, offering you tons of game-by-game variety. We also provide schedules with hour-long game blocks that shift throughout the day, schedules that focus mostly on sports, all-day Trivia U, and more.

To change the schedule that a trivia location uses, go to the Location Detail Page on the AMI Operator Site and select the tab titled Trivia Schedule. You can also find more information about using trivia schedules on the Operator Site.

Do I need to pay for a subscription to have a demo Tap TV unit in my shop?

No! We’re happy to provide operators with a free subscription for demo/troubleshooting purposes. If you want to register one of your Tap TV units as a shop demo unit, just contact AMI.

How do I enable custom Tap TV ads for a location?

Just create an AMI account for the location — this will let the location manager or other designated employees log in to a special version of the AMI Operator Site designed specifically for locations, where they can access the AMI Ad Manager and build their own custom ads.

Creating a location account takes just a minute or two and can be done from the standard AMI Operator Site. Operators don’t need to build, approve, or deploy ads for locations — we’ll take care of all that.

Trivia Tournaments

What do I need to do before I can run a Tap TV Trivia Tournament?

Tap TV Trivia Tournaments are available to any current Tap TV operator with at least one Tap TV Trivia location in a participating state. Contact your AMI sales representative for more information on the state-by-state availability of tournaments. Apart from that, there are no additional setup steps or requirements for hosting a tournament — simply ensure that your official e-mail address and contact details are correct.

How do I create and manage Tap TV Trivia Tournaments?

All tournament creation and configuration is done through the AMI Operator Site. You can find the tournament controls by selecting the Tournaments option under the Tap TV menu tab. (Please note that all tournament scheduling is listed in Eastern time within the Operator Site.)

How do prizes get distributed to the winners?

Operators provide prize claim instructions when they create a tournament, then contact the individual winners by finding their contact information on the event’s Tournament Details Page on the AMI Operator Site. Players also have the ability to contact the operator using a form built into the Tap TV app. We leave it up to the individual operators to determine the best way to distribute their Tournament prizes.