Location FAQ

Becoming A Location

How do I get Tap TV?

Tap TV is available exclusively through authorized AMI Entertainment Network operators. If you’re not currently affiliated with an AMI operator, contact us to find an AMI operator in your area.

If your location already has an AMI jukebox or other AMI products, contact your operator for info on bringing Tap TV to your venue.

Can I have multiple Tap TV channels in my location?

Of course! However, each Tap TV unit can only display one channel at a time. You can either use a single TV and switch between channels with the Tap TV remote, or you can use additional Tap Lite® devices connected to different TVs to offer multiple channels simultaneously.

Locations with multiple channels can also use the Tap TV Channel Scheduler to automatically switch their Tap Lite® unit between channels based on a pre-determined schedule.

Can I control the type of trivia that plays in my location?

We offer locations a choice between several different trivia schedules, each of which is designed for a specific sort of location. Our new default schedule features a different game every 20 minutes, offering you tons of game-by-game variety. We also provide schedules with hour-long game blocks that shift throughout the day, schedules that focus mostly on sports, all-day Trivia U, and more. Talk to your operator for more info on our different trivia schedules and to find out how to change what trivia schedule your location uses!

Is Tap TV available at all times of the day?

Tap TV is available all day, every day — the only exception is the daily maintenance window, which happens between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM Eastern Time for both Trivia and Poker. Maintenance is automated — you don’t have to do anything.

Internet Requirements

What sort of internet connection do I need for Tap TV?

Tap TV requires a broadband internet connection, such as cable or DSL. A hard-wired connection is strongly recommended. Unfortunately, dial-up connections aren’t fast enough to support Tap TV’s real-time gameplay.

What happens if my Tap TV unit can’t connect to the internet?

Tap TV’s ability to function without an internet connection depends on which Tap TV channel your location uses. Tap TV Trivia will continue to display questions and register correct and incorrect answers for players, but the TV won’t be able to display local or national scores. Tap TV Poker, on the other hand, is not playable without a functioning internet connection.

How much data will a Tap TV unit use?

Tap TV uses almost no data during regular operation and gameplay — far less than watching an online video or even using certain websites.

Making Custom Ads

How do I make a custom ad?

To build custom ads for Tap TV, you’ll need to get an AMI Location account from your AMI operator. This account lets you log into the AMI Ad Manager, where you’ll be able to upload your own custom ad images or customize one of our over 1,300 ready-made ad templates. Contact your AMI Operator for more information!

How long will it take my ads to appear?

Once you’ve built and saved a custom ad, it should appear on your Tap TV system in just a few minutes.

Trivia Tournaments

How do Tap TV Trivia Tournaments work?

Tap TV Tournaments are scheduled events where players can win great prizes by playing Tap TV Trivia at participating locations — they can last for a few hours, several days, or even multiple weeks. Some Tournaments require players to pay a small entry fee, while others are completely free to enter and play. All Tap TV tournaments are scheduled, sponsored, and operated by AMI Operators.

Will tournaments interrupt my usual Tap TV content?

Not at all! Tournaments don’t change or interfere with your usual Tap TV experience. Your players can choose whether or not they want to participate in Tournament gameplay — if they decide not to participate, they’ll still be able to play all their favorite Tap TV games for free, just like usual.

Can I create my own Tap TV Tournaments?

Only an official AMI operator can schedule a tournament — if you’re interested in hosting a tournament at your location, make sure to talk to your operator and let them know!

Locations can use the Player of the Hour feature as an easy way to host their own competition-style events — it automatically tracks and displays the top player from each hourly block of trivia.

Can my employees participate in Tap TV Tournaments?

Operators have the option of whether or not to allow location employees to participate in a given tournament. You can view the complete rules and regulations on the Details tab of the Tournament screen in the Tap TV app — the detail concerning employee eligibility can be found at the bottom of the third paragraph, near the end of the document.

A player at my location has a question about a tournament. How do they contact the operator?

Your players can contact the Tournament operator through the free Tap TV app. If they open the My Tournaments page and select the Tournament Details tab, there will be an option to send a message to the operator responsible for the tournament.