Channel Scheduler

Learn how to use the Channel Scheduler to create a custom rotation of multiple Tap TV channels.

The Tap TV Channel Scheduler is an on-screen tool that lets operators and locations schedule a Tap TV unit to automatically switch between Tap TV channels at predetermined times. It’s a great way to create a customized schedule that caters to the specific interests and hours of your audience.

To access the Channel Scheduler or other on-screen tools, you’ll need the Tap TV remote and access to the Tap LiteĀ® unit. If your location doesn’t have a Tap TV remote, contact your operator for assistance.

Accessing the Channel Scheduler

ScheduleChannelsSelectedStart by using the Tap TV remote to access the Setup menu. To access the menu, just press the i button near the upper-right corner of your Tap TV Remote.

Once you’re in the Setup menu, use the arrows and the OK button on your remote to select Schedule Channels from the available options. This opens the Manage Channel Schedule screen, where you can view and make changes to your local schedule.

Viewing the Channel Schedule

Manage Schedule ScreenThe Channel Scheduler displays the current schedule for your Tap Lite unit, broken down by the hour. Switch between Morning and Evening view by selecting the Evening/Morning button with your remote.

If you’ve never used the Channel Scheduler before, your schedule will be populated with the channel your Tap Lite unit was initially set to display.

Editing the Channel Schedule

Change Schedule ScreenTo make changes to your schedule, select the Edit button on the main Channel Scheduler display. This will take you to the Change Schedule screen, where you can add specific blocks of programming to the schedule.

Use the Left and Right directional buttons on your Tap TV remote to select what days you want to schedule the programming for, which channel you want to be displayed, and what times you want the programming block to start and finish.

After making your selection, select the Save button to return to the Channel Schedule. Please note that your changes won’t actually be added to the live schedule until you confirm them a second time by selecting Save on the main Channel Schedule page.

Note: When you change the active programming block, your Tap TV system won’t adopt the new schedule until the beginning of the next block of programming. Make sure to manually change the channel on your Tap Lite unit to reflect your new schedule.

Clearing the Channel Schedule

You can clear your programmed schedule at any time by selecting the Clear option on the main schedule display. This will clear your existing schedule and replace it with whatever channel is currently active on your Tap Lite unit.

Saving Changes & Exiting the Schedule

Once you’ve finished setting up your schedule, choose the Save button to store your changes. If you made a mistake while editing your schedule, you can always choose Cancel to abandon your changes and return to the main Tap TV menu.

Overriding Scheduled Programming

You can switch away from your scheduled programming at any time by selecting a different channel from the Change Channels menu on the main Tap TV setup screen. The new selected channel will remain active for the duration of the current programming block, at which point the programmed schedule will resume.