Intelligent features. An easy-to-use interface. AMI brings you the latest in jukebox software.

We don’t let anything stand between you and your music.

AMI’s software brings you the most user-friendly and intuitive jukebox experience on the market. We’re constantly working to improve our software by adding new features and capabilities — including for legacy units like the NiteHawk and Rock-Star.

Whether you’re using an NGX or one of our legacy units, your AMI jukebox is powered by the latest in jukebox software.

We Put You In Control

Nobody knows your location like you do. With genre settings, content lock-outs, and fully customizable 1-credit plays and local albums, AMI gives you total control over your jukebox experience. Build the jukebox experience that’s right for your location.

Discover Your New Favorite Band

Intelligent search features and curated playlists help patrons find music they’re going to love — whether they’re looking for a specific song or just browsing. On the lookout for the next big thing? Our music gurus work with major labels like Universal and Warner to showcase the best new artists and albums.

Be The Center of Attention

Thanks to a stunning attract loop and cool optional features like the BarLink mobile app, Flickr photo support, and a configurable promotional belt, your AMI jukebox will always be in the center of the action.