NGX Face Place

Capture your favorite memories with the NGX Face Place.

Give your patrons a night they’ll always remember with the NGX Face Place, brought to you by AMI and Apple Industries. By combining a wall-mounted jukebox with Apple Industries’ Smile 2.0 photo booth technology, the NGX Face Place gives your patrons access to great tunes and cool photo prints they can share with their friends.



  • Jukebox Cabinet
    • Height: 71.5” Width: 29” Depth: 14”
    • Weight: 250 pounds

Technical Details

  • 32” vertical touchscreen for maximum visibility
  • Exclusive Smart Skin with integrated camera
  • Enables patrons to capture, print, and share photos and videos through email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Printing System provides patrons with a variety of purchase options including photo strips and 4×6 prints
  • 320GB 2.5” SATA hard drive pre-installed with selectable music genre collections to fit any type of location
  • Core computer package includes hard drive, motherboard, graphics card, power supply, and I/O controller
  • ICEpower® 500 watt amplifier by Bang & Olufsen and deluxe 4-channel preamplifier
  • Currency module with MEI bill acceptor (700 stacker), coin acceptor, and credit card reader
  • Includes wired and IR wireless remote controls

Standard Currency Module

  • 1 MEI bill acceptor (700 stacker)
  • 1 Imonex coin acceptor
  • 1 credit card reader


Currency Module Options:

  • 3 standard options:
    • Dual CoinCo BA w/coin and credit card
    • Dual MEI BA w/coin and credit card
    • Coin Co BA w/coin and credit card


  • Wireless router
  • Output transformer
  • Money meter
  • Special event switch
  • RF remote kit
  • IR transmitter
  • Verizon wireless kit
  • Sprint wireless kit


  • Patrons can access up to 300 local albums
  • Over 735,000 additional songs available online with weekly updates (broadband required)
  • Boasts the best music from Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, hundreds of indie labels, and local independent talent
  • Software enables patrons to quickly find their favorite music and suggests additional songs to accompany what they have already picked
  • Automatically create a selection of 1-credit albums by choosing a genre via operator setup
  • Add location photos to the jukebox display by syncing to a Flickr account
  • 24/7 technical support can remotely view, diagnose, and fix issues without requiring a visit