Tap TV Trivia Tournaments

It's the trivia players love — now with real prizes.

How do you make Tap TV Trivia even better? Scheduled events, paid tournaments, and amazing prizes — that’s how.

With Tap TV Trivia Tournaments, you can offer smartphone users something their other favorite trivia apps don’t: real world prizes for playing. After joining a free, one-time fee, or daily buy-in tournament, guests can compete for prizes simply by hanging out and playing Tap TV Trivia at your bar or restaurant! It’s all handled right in the Tap TV app — from joining to competing to claiming prizes.

Unlike billiard, dart, touchscreen, trackball, or other location-based tournament systems, Tap TV Trivia Tournaments don’t limit the number of participants that can play at once. Each Tap TV location can support an unlimited number of tournament participants – anytime and anywhere. That means more tournament plays and more player participation at each location!

Fun for players, great for operators and locations — it’s a whole new way to play Tap TV.

  • Fully Automated

    Tap TV Tournaments are fully automated — from promotion and fee collection to prize notifications and announcements. No fuss, no muss.

  • Easy TV Promotion

    No need to print fliers — your tournaments automatically promote themselves with on-screen ads in participating locations.

  • One Location, Infinite Players

    Other tournament systems are limited by how many machines you have. With Tap TV, each location supports unlimited tournament players!

  • In-App Notifications

    The Tap TV app tells players about nearby tournaments — then notifies them of scores, overall results, and prize winners.

How Does It Work?

Tap TV Trivia Tournaments are scheduled, operator-run events with action-packed competition and real-world prizes. Tournament creation and management is handled through a new Tap TV Tournaments tab on the AMI Operator Site. We give Tap TV Operators full control over the scheduling, rules, prizes, and fee structures of tournaments.

Players are notified of nearby tournaments right on the app’s Location Search screen. Once they’re at a location, they’ll have the option of joining regular Tap TV gameplay or paying a tournament fee and entering an active event. Their Tap TV Trivia high scores will then be counted towards their overall tournament score, which is used to determine winners.

Operators can track the progress of their tournaments right on the AMI Operator Site. Once the tournament is finished, the site will also display winner information.

Get In On the Fun

The new Tap TV Trivia Tournaments system is currently being rolled out to a few select locations. If you’re an AMI operator and you’re interested in offering Trivia Tournaments at your Tap TV locations, let us know!