Addictive games. Unique entertainment. Effective advertising tools.

With engaging content, powerful advertising tools, and flexible scheduling, it’s easy to build a Tap TV experience that’s perfect for your location.


Tap TV Trivia

Match wits with friends, local patrons, and players at other Tap TV locations in a national trivia competition. Topics range from movies and music to nostalgia and sports — with thousands of challenging questions in every category, there’s a game for every audience!

Ready to take your trivia to the next level? Look into hosting an operator-run Tap TV Trivia Tournament. Tournaments are scheduled events that players can join for free or for a small fee, then compete in to win great prizes during regular trivia gameplay. It’s everything you love about Tap TV Trivia, plus real world prizes!


Tap TV Poker

Get all the fun and excitement of Texas Hold’em without the cost and confusion of organizing a live poker event. Tap TV Poker gives your guests a seat at 8-player virtual tables with eye-popping 3D graphics — it’s like taking part in a live poker tournament with the action playing out on TV!

Players view their cards and manage wagers with the Tap TV app, while nearby TVs display community cards, bets, and hand results. Our patented Mobile Spotlighting feature knows if your venue has players at more than one virtual table and automatically takes turns covering each one on TV!


Tap TV Excite

Kick promotion into high gear! Tap TV Excite combines a constant rotation of your own custom ads with hours of viral videos from extreme athletes, trick-shot masters, and more. It’s digital signage like you’ve never seen it before — advertising that your guests will actually want to watch!

Follow extreme athletes as they perform crazy stunts all around the world, from skydiving in Dubai to riding massive waves in Hawaii. There’s hours of hand-picked HD footage — all shown alongside your very own ads and specials.


Build A Schedule That Works For You

Looking to mix things up a little? The new Tap TV Channel Scheduler gives you total control over which channel plays in each time-slot, so you can build a Tap TV experience that’s custom-tailored to your audience and needs.

Offer different channels on different nights of the week, switch games throughout the day, or even change things up every hour. The choice is up to you.

Your Location, Your Ads

Every Tap TV channel combines engaging visuals with your own custom promos from the AMI Ad Manager 2.0. Keep guests engaged and having fun while you get the word out about your daily specials, promotions, and upcoming events. There’s more than 1,300 custom promotional templates to choose from, covering everything from Valentine’s Day to your weekly karaoke. It’s addictive entertainment and flexible advertising in one.