Games, custom promos, and engaging video content — all in one package.

Tap TV transforms your existing TVs into a unique entertainment system and promotional tool. Entertain your guests with three fast-paced channels, including the interactive Tap TV Trivia and Tap TV Poker, plus the mind-blowing new Tap TV Excite — featuring hours of viral videos from around the world.

Because Tap TV uses your guests’ own phones to control the action, there are no expensive controllers to buy or maintain. It’s easy to install, easy to own, and like nothing else out there.

Connect, Engage, Promote

Boost customer engagement by running your own custom promos from the AMI Ad Manager. Have a special event coming up? It takes just minutes to build a custom promotional screen to appear during games.

Forget about clunky slideshows and expensive digital signage. With more than 1,300 custom promotional templates, Tap TV makes it easy to get the word out about daily specials, holiday events, and more.

Tap In Today

Installation is fast and easy — all you need is the compact Tap Lite® unit, a broadband internet connection, and a dedicated TV. Multiple TVs can be supported from a single unit with a splitter or pre-installed video switcher. You just pay a small monthly subscription based on which channels you choose.

Ready to learn more? Get the free Tap TV app and see why it’s a hit with both players and locations.

Entertainment That Works For You

  • Promote Your Location

    Build your own custom promos to display on Tap TV with AMI Ad Manager. It's fast and easy.
  • No Expensive Controllers

    Just download the free Tap TV app to play. Available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • More Patrons, More Fun

    With Tap TV, patrons stay longer, order more food & drink, and come back again and again.
  • National Competition

    Go head-to-head with opponents at other Tap TV locations from around the country.