It's time to Tap in

Tap TV puts television to work for you, with engaging content, interactivity, and powerful promotional tools that cable and satellite don’t offer. It provides access to alternative HD content that guests will love to watch, while putting the power of advertising back into your hands. It’s a whole new way for businesses to think about TV.

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Interactive TV

With Tap TV, your customers can do more than just watch -- we turn your audience into real-time contestants in exciting interactive games. With the free Tap TV app, guests can use their own smartphones to join national trivia competitions or even a live Texas Hold'em event! It takes just moments to sign in and start playing for free.

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Competitive Events

Create in-venue experiences that reward customers for choosing your business. With our Player of the Hour rankings, you can identify and reward your location's best players whenever you want — or give guests the chance to compete for real world prizes in an Operator-Run Tap TV Trivia Tournament!

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Digital Signage

Tap TV Excite lets you transform your screens into powerful digital signage whenever you want. Special events, reward programs, and more — whatever you want to promote, Tap TV makes it a snap. Just choose one of our 1,300+ ready-made promotional templates and start reaching customers like never before.

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What's On Tap TV?

Engaging HD content that keeps customers coming back for more

Connect your guests to a world of pure video entertainment, no audio required. With more channels and features being added all the time, there's always something new on Tap.

  • Tap tv trivia

    Tap TV Trivia lets players go head-to-head with trivia fans from around the nation in live, multiplayer competition. From sports to history to popular culture and more, Tap TV Trivia has something for every trivia fan.

  • Tap tv poker

    Tap TV Poker gives your guests a seat at 8-player virtual tables with eye-popping 3D graphics and live gameplay! It's all the fun and excitement of Texas Hold’em without the hassle of organizing a live poker event.

  • Tap tv excite

    Kick promotion into high gear! Tap TV Excite combines a constant rotation of your own custom ads with hours of viral videos from extreme athletes, trick-shot masters, and more. It’s digital signage like you’ve never seen it before.


– Testimonial –

“There are people that come to the bar two or three times a week just to play Tap TV.”

Promote. Connect. Engage.

Build your business with Tap TV's advertising tools

Advertising works. But if the screens in your business are tuned to regular TV, it's not working for YOU. With AMI Ad Manager, you can quickly build and schedule your very own ads that run across all Tap TV Channels.

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– Testimonial –

“We advertise all of our food, drinks, wine, and beer on Tap TV. It's been really good for business.”

Entertainment That Works For You

Fun for players, great for business


    90% of adults walk into a restaurant with a smartphone. The free Tap TV app harnesses that core audience for your business — no controllers required.


    Tap TV is quick and easy to install — on a single screen or a dozen. Our Tap Lite device connects right to your existing HDTV or video switch system.


    Why is Tap TV so engaging? Just look at the numbers: 51% of consumers agree that TV is more fun to watch when you can interact with it from a smartphone.


    Create your own hour-by-hour rotation of Tap TV channels. Choose a trivia schedule tailored for your location. You build the experience that’s right for you.

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    53% of consumers say technology makes dining out more fun. Tap TV provides a better experience for your customers and more business for you.


    Questions? Problems? Our 24/7 tech support is always there to help you out. It’s one less thing to worry about.

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