NGX Models

No two locations are alike. That's why the NGX comes in four different sizes and shapes, each with its own unique features and style. Find the jukebox that works for you.

Big sound. Sleek styling. Cool features. Whatever your needs, there’s an NGX for you.

NGX Classic

The NGX Classic is a robust, reliable digital jukebox that connects your patrons with the best music library in the industry. Millions of songs. Intelligent search features. Fully configurable to meet the needs of each location. And with multiple Smart Skins that take just minutes to install, the look and style of your NGX is up to you.

NGX Ultra

New for 2016, the NGX Ultra combines hit songs, whole albums, music videos, mobile control, and on-demand digital signage into a sleek package you won’t find on any other competing jukebox network.

The Ultra’s 32” wide HDTV displays eye-catching music videos and custom ads, and its dynamic backlighting beats to the music as it’s played. Put simply, the NGX Ultra’s innovative design, revenue-boosting features, and powerful promotional capabilities take the jukebox experience to a whole new level.


NGX Mini 2

With a compact 31 x 19.5 inch frame, the NGX Mini 2 outpaces jukeboxes twice its size. Powered by the same software and unbeatable music library as a standard NGX, the Mini 2 is perfect when space is at a premium.

You don’t need to compromise to get the music you want in a size that works for you. Music, features, reliability — it’s the total package.


NGX Grand

Command the room with the NGX Grand, a premium jukebox that comes with its own high-powered integrated audio system. With a 500-watt ICEpower® amplifier from Bang & Olufsen and 4-channel pre-amp, the NGX Grand can bring the music like no other jukebox.The NGX Grand’s speaker system features integrated 3″ Tweeters, 5″ Mid-Bass Drivers, and a 15″ DVC Woofer, all on an adjustable mount for the richest sound quality and ideal acoustics.


NGX Face Place

Combine the fun of a photo booth with the flexibility and reliability of a cutting-edge digital jukebox. Your NGX Face Place unlocks new revenue possibilities by letting patrons capture, print, and share their favorite memories as they happen.Powered by Apple Industries’ photo booth technology and SMILE 2.0 software, the Face Place features dozens of cool templates, photo and video support, and social media integration to make sharing photos a snap.