AMI Video Upgrade Kit

Give your patrons thousands of music videos from the greatest artists around.

Thousands of music videos. Hundreds of artists. The best jukebox on the market, now with the greatest videos of all time.

Give your jukebox a cutting-edge visual advantage that patrons can’t miss and locations will love. The AMI Video Upgrade Kit connects your jukebox to a nearby TV, providing access to a music television channel with thousands of music videos available on-demand. Patrons can select videos right from the jukebox alongside their favorite songs.

Why Offer Music Videos?

The AMI Video Upgrade Kit gives your NGX an exciting new revenue option and new features that help it stand out from the crowd. Music videos go hand-in-hand with normal jukebox usage and won’t disrupt locations or loyal customers, making it an ideal upgrade for larger venues.

  • Maximize the value of each transaction without getting in the way of what your jukebox is there to do — PLAY MUSIC
  • Music videos provide additional revenue with no change in music fees
  • HD videos and promotional loops make your jukebox impossible to ignore
  • Provides a full audio-visual experience that no other jukebox can match

How Does It Work?

For an additional credit, song choices can be upgraded with an accompanying music video that plays on the connected screen. A distinct icon marks songs with available videos in search results and other menus. It’s simple, easy, and an effective way to boost revenue.

  • Patrons can browse the top videos on the AMI network or choose from local favorites
  • Music videos are intelligently offered at the purchase screen for supported songs
  • Fully compatible with the AMI Music mobile app
  • Music video features require a hard-wired broadband internet connection

If there’s no video playing, your connected screen displays an eye-catching attract loop that promotes the music video features, along with clips from some of the coolest music videos available on the jukebox.