The music and videos you want. The digital jukebox you deserve.

Millions of songs in dozens of popular and niche genres. Custom options that give you complete control over the features and style of your jukebox. A business partner you can depend on. With unmatched reliability and the latest jukebox software, there’s always an NGX digital jukebox that’s right for you.

Connect your audience with the best music from Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, and hundreds of indie labels. Whether it’s the latest hit or a timeless classic, the NGX’s easy-to-use search features make it simple for patrons to find and play their favorite music.

Professional Sound Quality

The NGX, NGX Mini 2, NGX Infinity and NGX Ultra take your audio capabilities to the next level thanks to state-of-the-art 1000 watt amps from the high-end professional audio specialists at Pascal. 4-channel audio is standard on the NGX and NGX Ultra, and available on the NGX Mini 2 and NGX Infinity with an optional upgrade, giving your patrons unmatched audio quality in every room of the business, whether you’re cranking the tunes or just providing some background music.

Endlessly Flexible

Looking for big tunes in a small package? The compact NGX Mini 2 outpaces jukeboxes twice its size. Looking to make an impression? The NGX Infinity’s complete sound system can get a room jumping in no time. With multiple models and custom skins that can be swapped out in minutes, it’s easy to find an NGX that works for you.


Promote Your Location

AMI’s built-in promotional features turn your NGX into a smart, effective advertising tool. Build custom promos to display on your jukebox with the new AMI Ad Manager 2.0. Upload your own custom image or choose from over 1,300 pre-made templates, ranging from food and drink sales to event promotion.