Play songs on your favorite AMI jukebox. Build playlists. Browse our catalog. The AMI Music mobile app puts the music right in your hand.

The AMI Music mobile app lets patrons find, purchase, and play music on your jukebox right from their phones. More tunes for patrons, more plays for locations and operators — now that’s a tune you can dance to!

Locator, Playlists, & More

We’re all about the music — but what good is having a million-song library if you can’t find what you’re looking for? That’s why we packed AMI Music with handy features that help music-lovers get their favorite tunes playing on the jukebox faster than ever.

  • Looking for a place to hang? AMI Music’s built-in locator can guide you to an AMI location in your area
  • Find your favorite tunes in a flash with artist, song, and album search
  • Build your own custom playlists for any and all occasions
  • Loving the current tune? View what’s playing on the jukebox without leaving your seat — or add it to your favorites list with a single tap!
  • Now with full support for Canadian locations and currency

Now You’re Speakin’ Our Language

¿Te gusta la música? We’ve got you covered! AMI Music now automatically detects if your phone is in Spanish-language mode, and will automatically switch over to a special Spanish UI. It’s just one more way we’re bringing the jukebox industry’s best music library to an ever bigger audience.

After all, isn’t music the universal language?

Get Connected

Looking to boost your jukebox earnings? Adding the AMI Music mobile app to a location can increase weekly collections by an average of 55%.

  • Bring In New Patrons: AMI Music helps promote your venue to users
  • Make Music Simple Again: Patrons love the convenience of mobile control
  • Music Without The Wait: No more waiting in line at the jukebox, no more searching for cash
  • Great For Locations: AMI Music means more music, and more music means more wet sales!

Need help enabling the AMI Music mobile app in your location? Check out the brochure for more information.