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AMI Releases Music Video Feature for Canadian Market

Premium upgrade lets Canadian locations play music videos on AMI jukeboxes

For the past three years, AMI jukebox locations in the U.S. have had the capability to upgrade their AMI jukeboxes by adding the Music Video Kit. AMI is pleased to announce that this revenue-generating feature is now available in Canadian provinces. The premium upgrade package allows operators to connect their NGX digital jukebox models to nearby televisions, giving patrons the ability to watch music videos right alongside their favorite songs.


Music video playback in simple, straightforward, and blends seamlessly with the existing AMI jukebox experience. When selecting a song from a video-enabled jukebox or AMI’s BarLink mobile app, patrons can choose to pay one extra credit to have a music video accompany their song choice. Music video is proven to increase revenue for operators and their locations.


Because music video is offered as an upgrade during standard song selection, it won’t disrupt traditional audio jukebox usage. When a purchased video is not playing, the connected TVs or the upper screen of the NGX Ultra display AMI’s eye-catching promotional loop that increases jukebox visibility and informs patrons about the new music video feature. Also, ads operators and locations create using AMI’s free Ad Manager tool get maximum visibility by displaying on the additional screens.


AMI’s Music Video Upgrade Kit is easy to install and comes with everything needed to connect an NGX Classic, NGX Mini or NGX Mini 2 to existing televisions. And, the NGX Ultra is equipped with an upper 32” screen which is dedicated to the music video and Ad Manager features. For more information on music video in Canada or the U.S., please contact your local distributor or AMI Regional Sales Manager.

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