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AMI Launches Proximity Marketing Capabilities

Enhanced User Experience for BarLink Users

AMI Entertainment Network is pleased to announce their new proximity marketing capabilities – geofencing and beacons – providing mobile users with a more personalized and engaging experience when using AMI’s BarLink mobile app.


With BarLink, AMI is blending two different proximity marketing technologies. Geofencing uses the smartphone’s built-in location services to recognize when it is in an AMI location. Geofencing’s advantage is that it’s a software-only solution and can be immediately turned on in all of AMI’s BarLink-enabled locations. Beacons offer a more precise solution in those locations that have been physically equipped with a blue-tooth beacon device. Through a partnership with inMarket, the beacons enable AMI to work with third-party advertisers and mobile app vendors to broaden the reach of messages brought to patrons in AMI BarLink locations.


BarLink users will now receive targeted messages based on their app usage and offers relevant to the specific AMI jukebox location they’re attending.  “AMI is committed to improving the user experience of BarLink users in AMI locations,” said Ron Richards, AMI Entertainment Network’s Chief Technology Officer. “Proximity marketing lets AMI reach out to patrons entering our locations, reminding them to use the jukebox and bringing them exciting offers to enhance the bar experience.”


For more information about AMI’s digital jukeboxes and other products, check out www.amientertainment.com or follow AMI on Twitter.

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