• Patrons can access up to 300 local albums
  • Over 735,000 additional songs available online with weekly updates (broadband required)
  • Boasts the best music from Sony, Warner, Universal, EMI, hundreds of indie labels, and local independent talent
  • Software enables patrons to quickly find their favorite music and suggests additional songs to accompany what they have already picked
  • Automatically create a selection of 1-credit albums by choosing a genre via operator setup
  • Create a secondary music selector and boost revenue by connecting to a Megatouch® countertop
  • Add location photos to the jukebox display by syncing to a Flickr account
  • 24/7 technical support can remotely view, diagnose, and fix issues without requiring a visit

Infinite Looks

AMI offers a vast selection of revolutionary skins that instantly change the style of the NGX to fit the surrounding decor. Win new customers by offering them a customized jukebox that complements their location’s lighting, enhances its unique motif, or even matches the wood of their bar. The NGX’s software takes its cue from whichever skin is chosen and adapts to create a cohesive and distinctive look.


Standard skins will be stocked and available for purchase from Rowe distributors. Both skins feature dynamic lightshows and custom UI artwork. More designs are soon to follow.


Nostalgia Skin

Rowe Nostalgia skin features:

  • Chasing LED lights create a nostalgic jukebox effect
  • Height: 54 ¾", Width: 27 ¼", Depth: 4"
  • Weight: 24 lbs



Rowe NiteHAWK II skin features:

  • Vibrant light show colors change continuously or
    choose a single color that best suits the location
  • Height: 49 ½", Width: 24 ¾", Depth: 2 ½"
  • Weight: 20 lbs



NEW: Rowe Gridiron

  • A must-have for locations where patrons gather
    for college or pro games
  • Height: 59.75", Width: 26", Depth: 6"
  • Weight: 38lbs

Click on the image for more information.



Acrylic Skin

Have something specific you need to win a location? Call us. Full-custom acrylic, vacuum-form, and wood skins can be designed with a price-quote upon request.