Abount the NGX Mini

  • AMI's lowest cost jukebox
  • Lightweight system offers one-person install
  • Offers two lightshow options: continuously changing colors, or a single color that suits the location
  • Runs AMI's Version 3 software, which is proven to increase cash box performance.
  • Same easy-to-service core computer and electronics package as standard NGX jukebox
  • Hard drive holds up to 300 complete albums
  • Patrons can access over 750,000 additional songs online (broadband required)
  • Boasts the best music from Sony, Warner, EMI, Universal, hundreds of indie labels, and local independent talents
  • Configurable filters for artists, albums, songs, categories, and explicit lyrics
  • Add/Delete albums via online Web interface
  • View latest music releases, song popularity, and revenue reports for single or multiple jukeboxes online
  • Schedulable auto-play and background music
  • 24/7 technical support can remotely view, diagnose, and fix issues without requiring a visit

tech specs

Display: 19" flat screen monitor with touchscreen
Audio: Output Power: 500 Wrms into 4 Ohm load
  Amplifier: 500 Watt Bang & Olufsen
4-channel preamplifier
  Remotes: 6-button wired remote
IR wireless remote
Acceptors: 1 MEI bill acceptor (700 stacker)
  1 Imonex coin acceptor
  1 credit card reader
Dimensions: Height: 34" (86.36 cm)
  Width: 22" (55.88 cm)
  Depth: 8.5" (21.59 cm)
Net Weight: 87 pounds (39.55 kg)

currency module options

  • Dual CoinCo BA w/coin and credit card
  • Dual MEI BA w/coin and credit card
  • Coin Co BA w/coin and credit card