Megatouch 2013 Software is all about the games. It's loaded with 12 new titles, 8 of which are Tournamaxx games.

2013 is co-headlined by Monkey Bash World Tour, featuring 30 levels of amazing art, an incredibly popular gameplay style and a few Angry Monkeys, and by Grimm Fairy Tales Photo Hunt, a sexy version of our flagship game that features pin-up style art.

We've developed Pit Crew Pair 'Em, a stock car-themed matching game, Mystical Strike, a tower defense/matching combo, plus Flick City Sluggers home run derby game & Flick City Rollers, an alley roller game with a scoring twist.

Our players asked for it and we delivered – 2013 has 3 all-new Hunks games featuring PG, R, and X-rated content. Oh my!

But wait, there's more – 3 Bonus Games round out the lineup. The unique gameplay elements and twists of Monster Madness Chaos, Super Run 21, and Boxxi 2 build on familiar themes but take the games in all new directions.

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Monkey Bash World Tour

Everybody's favorite stunt monkey has become one angry primate. Those creepy clowns have been bashing our monkey hero for years, but now they've holed up in their clown condos and Bash is bringing the fight to their doorstep. Players touch, drag, and release to launch Bash and his 4 specially-powered primate pals to crush clown cribs around the world!

Grimm Fairy Tales Photo Hunt

Photo Hunt took a twisted trip down the rabbit hole to the fantasy & horror-filled world of Zenescope's Grimm Fairy Tales comics & came back featuring sexy, mind-blowing, pin-up style artwork. Classic Photo Hunt gameplay featuring Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, & Alice in Wonderland like you've never seen them before–and they've brought their friends, so prepare for axe-wielding, butt-kickin' heroines and villains!

Pit Crew Pair 'Em

Racing fans will line up for their shot at making the pit crew in this fast-paced matching game. Players must remove numbered tires to clear the board and get their driver back on the track. Pit Crew Pair 'Em is perfectly suited for Tournamaxx, plus fans of Card Bandits and Lucky 11's will easily take to its quick gameplay.

Mystical Strike

Part tile-matching, part tower defense, all kinds of fun! Mystical Strike players must match same-colored spheres which harness the elemental powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to shoot down meteors that threaten their castle and their kingdom.

Flick City Rollers

Strictly for the adults! Our most popular game returns with completely updated and bigger photos of sultry sweethearts. Players see two HUGE photos of lovely Penthouse ladies and have to find the differences… without getting lost in their eyes.

Flick City Sluggers

Chicks dig the long ball, or so they say. We've taken the most exciting part of America's pastime and combined it with super simple gameplay so even the least athletically-inclined among us can become home run derby champions!

Monster Madness Chaos

Madness just wasn't intense enough for us so we've bumped it up a notch to CHAOS! Touch groups of 2 boxes or more to clear them and since this game is built for speed, you only need to touch once. Don't let the boxes build up to the "Do Not Cross" line or you'll trigger some real end of the world stuff – and your game will end! Are you fast enough to get through all 12 rounds?

Super Run 21

Blackjack, schmackjack, Run 21 is where it's at! Use your card-shark skills to make your columns add up to 21 or less, but don't go over or you'll bust. Stay on your game, and you can run the table, maybe even the world. Don't forget to use those extra aces when you need a helping hand!

Boxxi 2

Blast into the Boxxi 2 universe and touch once to select the boxes in groups of 2 or more, then touch again to clear. The more boxes you remove at once, the more points you'll be awarded. Your one-time-only MIX-UP button will rearrange the boxes if you don't like your layout. Use Column Clear, Shuffle, and x2 to increase your score!


We don't care what they say, size matters! And our all new Hunks versions of the popular Megatouch games Photo Hunt, Card Bandits, and Super Boxxi that are packin' tons of all-new male erotic content. It's been rated PG, R, and X so it's completely customizable by location.


Connectivity - Free and Easy

Sync your Megatouch and AMI jukebox so users can browse and order music without leaving their barstools. It's FREE, easy to set up, and can earn you up to 15% more music revenue!

MegaNet® Core is a FREE service that delivers automatic updates, credit card support, and time-saving route management tools.

AMI Access allows you to take live control of any broadband-connected Ion running 2013 software on your route — right from your own PC or Mac!

Connection Wizard simplifies the connection process for wireless, wired, and dial-up Ion machines. Operators can even register a game on-location! All that's needed is a broadband connection.

Credit Cards accepted.

In surveys conducted by Visa, 70% of consumers polled preferred to use credit or debit cards instead of cash for small-ticket purchases. Additionally, 60% of the 18-30 age group preferred not to carry cash at all.

Credit card support now comes standard on many Megatouch models sold in the U.S. & Canada, and with 2013 you can choose the credit card pricing that works best for your route.

Operators can control the credits a player receives for $5, $10, and $15 purchases. Your reader can also be configured to allow convenient access to common Operator Setup functions via a swipe from your own card.